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What is the difference between the free and pro plans?

The main difference is in the number of available mockups and their features. The Free plan offers about 200 mockups with only basic features. The Pro plan gives you thousands mockups and advanced features, such as URL screenshots, changeable background, changeable device color, crop tool, and much more. With the Team plan, you get everything from Pro plus up to ten team members, custom mockups, team management, and priority support. It’s like the Pro plan but on steroids.

What happens after my free 7-day trial ends?

Once your free trial is over, you can subscribe to one of our plans or keep using the free version of Smartmockups happily ever after.

Are you adding new mockups to the library?

Yes! Every week we are adding new mockups to our growing collection of different categories. New mockups are only available for pro and team users.

Are you going to release new updates in the future?

Absolutely! We're always working on new features and options to improve our product. You can check out our changelog to see the changes we will be making over time. If you have any ideas for making Smartmockups even better, use our feedback forum under "Suggest an idea" option.

Why are there watermarks in a trial?

We made a trial version to make sure that everyone can check out all the available mockups, try customization features and check out the final quality of exported images. As we have multiple mockup contributors, we have to protect their rights by placing a decent small watermark on the mockups to avoid any abuse of their images. We tried to make the watermark as decent as possible to make sure, that the final image can be used for non-profit use cases such as school projects. The watermark will automatically disappear once you subscribe to our plan.

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Getting started

What file formats can I upload?

You can upload standard image files (.JPG, .PNG or .PDF) or even videos in MP4, MOV or animated GIFs.

What about privacy? Are my designs safe?

We’re glad you asked! The great thing about Smartmockups is that all the magic happens right inside your own computer or browser. Your designs are never uploaded to the Internet or stored on our servers. Your designs are always private, proprietary, and they remain your creative property.

What am I allowed to use the exported images for?

All generated images are royalty free for use in personal and commercial projects. You can modify the image to your liking so that it can fit your project. You are not allowed, however, to resell or redistribute exported images as new mockups or images themselves. We are not legally liable for any misuse of these images. Need any special usage that is not covered by the licence agreement? Contact us at hello@smartmockups.com

Can I submit my own mockups to your library?

We're always looking for new and talented authors to enlarge our ever-growing library. For now, we don't have an official submitting form. If you are interested in collaboration, please contact us at hello@smartmockups.com and show us what you have. All mockups and their assets (images, photos) have to be covered with your own copyright (you can't submit images that are not yours).

What is the difference between the browser tool and the desktop app?

The browser version is almost the same as the desktop app version. The only difference is that the desktop app can import more file formats and has a slightly different user interface. So it basically depends on whether you prefer the online web app or dedicated Mac or Window app. If you are a pro user, you can use a full version of the web and the app simultaneously.

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Pricing and plans

I canceled my Pro or Team plan. Can I get it back?

Of course! If you cancel your Pro plan, you will be downgraded to our Free plan, where you can upgrade again. You will regain unlimited access to all our mockups and features.

What if I change my mind? Can I cancel my subscription?

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. In case you don't want to use Smartmockups Pro anymore, just go to settings and cancel your plan under the subscription section. Or just let us know on hello@smartmockups.com, and we will help you out.

Can I purchase multiple licences for my teammates?

For small teams and agencies, there is a Team plan with up to ten team members and even better features. It doesn’t matter if you are a growing team of three or ten. The price is still the same. It’s like the Pro plan but on steroids.

My credit card has expired. How can I update payment details?

It’s really simple. Just go to “your account” and under subscription details click on “Edit payment details.”

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When I load my image, the mockup is just black

Please click on your name on the top right and go to settings (if you don't have an account, you can create one for free) Here just turn off the webGL and all should be solved. If it doesn’t help, send us screenshots at hello@smartmockups.com

My mockups are not rendering correctly, I can see some graphics glitches

usually happens when graphics drivers are not playing well with your web browser. Either try a different browser or just go to My account section and find Preferences. Here just turn off the webGL and all should be solved. If it doesn’t help, send us screenshots at hello@smartmockups.com

What to do when my image is not uploading?

Check the format and the size of the image. You can upload standard image files, such as .JPG or .PNG. If it is still not working send the image to us to hello@smartmockups.com and we will tame it down.

The url capture is not doing anything

If happens to you, don’t worry. Open the site in the browser and check if it’s working. If the site is working correctly only the url capture is not responding, send the link to webpage our way to hello@smartmockups.com and we will find out, why is happening.