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How Hadas launched a community for designers with Smartmockups and Canva

Hadas Avidor Goldin is a graphic designer from Israel. As both a Smartmockups and Canva Expert, she uses her expertise to teach others how to harness the synergy of these amazing tools.

About Hadas

Hadas has a degree in Communications and Management and for the better part of her career she managed the award-winning company, which she also founded, Candy Fashion, a candy bouquet factory. After the birth of her fourth child, it was time to realize her dream of being a stay-at-home mom. She sold the company but continued her graphic design work on the side. She now runs I Can Canva, a business that teaches people how to use Canva on the Hebrew-speaking market, as well as a Canva educational Facebook group boasting more than 17,500 members.

The pedicure discovery

People come to Canva and Smartmockups in many different ways and for different reasons. Hadas may be one of the only ones to come via the pedicure route. She had heard about Canva but hadn’t had the need to investigate it further. Until, while having a pedicure and obviously away from her desk, one of her clients needed an ad designed.

“I remembered what I had heard about Canva and downloaded the Canva mobile app. I was overwhelmed by the speed I could create a professional ad! I quickly found myself using the mobile app more and more and also the desktop version, even when I was at home and able to use my other graphic software.”

I Can Canva

Hadas didn’t set out to become a Canva guru, but with her love for the tool and passion for teaching it seemed almost inevitable. There was an event though that brought her to her current career. And like with her pedicure discovery, it certainly wasn’t something she was expecting. 

Hadas’ daughter is a singer and musician. When she was 16 years old, she was accepted to a prestigious Acapella Camp in Los Angeles, California and needed to raise money to pay for the tuition and travel expenses. Hadas wanted to help so she published an advertisement in her small village, inviting women to a workshop on how to create beautiful and professional visuals using Canva. The money raised would go to her daughter's music education in Los Angeles.

“I was overwhelmed by the demand and found myself doing workshops every week in my living room. I quickly realized the huge potential and so decided to make it broader and create a Facebook community that anyone can be part of and learn from me all the tips, tricks, and more. I never imagined it would grow so much so fast.”

Her Facebook group has people from all walks of life: small business owners, graphic designers, content creators, social media agencies, government officials, and more.

Canva and Smartmockups Expert

Hadas’ love for, and deep knowledge of, Canva led her to becoming a Canva Expert. Soon after, she discovered Smartmockups, using mockups to develop her brand.

“It was clear to me that Smartmockups was another addiction I was about to fall in love with and so I took the time to really learn how to use it. I was invited to join the Smartmockups community shortly afterwards.”

Hadas uses mockups both for her online courses and her personal brand. She’s a go-to resource on mockup best practices and getting the most out of Smartmockups in particular. 

“I include a chapter about Smartmockups in my “Advanced Workshop for Canva Pro users.” I teach how to use Smartmockups within Canva’s platform, and outside it. I always open this chapter by saying: Beware. You are about to meet your new addiction!”

She has several free tutorials for her community on using Smartmockups and has created fun challenges for them to practice using both Canva and Smartmockups. 

“One (challenge) was to create the perfect T-shirt using both platforms and the second, which is my favorite, was to create a branding presentation for an imaginary ice cream brand using as many mockups as possible: business cards, signs, menus, T-shirts, boxes, logos, etc. I was astonished by the creativity and enthusiasm of my community in this challenge.”

Her expertise is so great, she’s even created a tutorial for Canva’s YouTube channel on how to create mockups in Canva using Smartmockups. 

“I feel privileged to be one of the Smartmockups Experts. It helps me be the best Smartmockup educator I can be. I know I can always turn to Smartmockups with questions, suggestions, and initiatives. The feeling you can assist others and also ask for assistance makes it all very fulfilling.”
Desktop mockup of Canva's website

With all that knowledge, you can be sure Hadas has her favorite features.

“I know many people would say the Background remover and the Transparent background in Canva, since they are also very helpful when using Smartmockups, and I agree. But there is something no less exciting for me. It is not so much a feature but a service: All changes saved! I call it ‘All heart attacks saved!’ As a graphic designer that has had tons of work get lost because I didn't hit the Save button soon enough, the All changes saved is a life saver! It is automatic and instant and I don’t have to worry about losing anything during the process.”

“In Smartmockups, it’s Customize. It blows my mind every time I customize a design and I see the finger of the model move ‘over’ my logo, or when I move the design around and the crease on a T-shirt blends perfectly with my design, and I did almost nothing! It's magic!”

Mockup advice

Being a Canva and Smartmockups educator, Hadas has a lot of knowledge to share. If you already teach online courses and are looking to enhance your content, or if you are thinking about launching a course, Hadas has some advice for you.

“Using Smartmockups in a design is the thin line between a flat design and a powerful design! Smartmockups makes it easy and possible to turn anything into something! Make sure you incorporate a mockup in your design, it will brand you higher!”

Her years of graphic design experience means she knows the popular software, but still sees the value and ease of using Smartmockups to create mockups. 

“First, use it! Second, make it yours; use it to grab attention! Using a mockup will help you tell your story in a much more convincing way. Finally, upgrade your account (Smartmockups Pro) to enjoy a whole world of possibilities. It is an essential tool in your graphic design tool box and a significant add on to your portfolio. It is worth every penny!”

So what’s next for Hadas and I Can Canva?

“My crazy big goal is to be the home for Canva education on all its levels, Smartmockups being an inseparable part. Not only for Hebrew speakers but for English speakers as well. I find much joy in teaching visual content design and I am a people person, so teaching is my passion.”

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